World Investor Week Nov 22-28, 2021

Message from Chairman, SEBI

Continuous monitoring of fit and proper status of major shareholders pursuant to RBI Master Direction .

1.     This has reference to the requirement for continuous monitoring of fit and proper status of entities which are major shareholders/ have            applied for being major shareholders of banking companies as mandated by Reserve Bank of India (Acquisition and Holding of Shares            or Voting Rights in Banking Companies) Directions, 2023 dated January 16 2023. 

2.     It is understood from the provisions of the aforementioned RBI Master Direction that responsibility has now been cast on the banking              companies to obtain information to conduct requisite due diligence so as to ascertain whether the major shareholders/ applicants                    continue to be "fit and proper". 

3.     Apropos to the requirement, requests are being received from banking companies, seeking information on actions taken by SEBI,                    impending action, matter or observation if any against the entities registered with SEBI which are major shareholders or have applied              for being major shareholders in the corresponding banking companies. 

4.     In this regard, it may please be noted that –

      a)   Details of actions taken by SEBI (against the entities registered with SEBI), which have a bearing on the determination of "fit and             proper" person criteria are available on SEBI website which, inter-alia, include directions under Section (B) of SEBI Act, 1992. The             same can be accessed by the banking companies for the purpose of continuous monitoring. 

      b)   As per the extant practice, impending proceedings/ investigations conducted by SEBI on the entities registered with SEBI are shared             only on a Regulator to Regulator basis. Accordingly, such information (sought by banks) cannot be provided by SEBI to the concerned             banks.