World Investor Week Nov 22-28, 2021

Message from Chairman, SEBI

Group Company Names

List of all Group Companies  
[Updated up to Nov 2022]

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The list of group companies disclosed herein has been published pursuant to SEBI circular no. SEBI/HO/IMD/DF2/CIR/P/2019/152 dated December 10, 2019  on “Review of investment norms for mutual funds for investment in Debt, which inter-alia, stipulates that AMFI shall publish on  its website a list of all group companies along with names and identifier of the respective group that are considered for calculation of group exposure by mutual fund schemes and also the sector to which each company belongs to.

In this regard, AMFI had engaged the services of CRISIL to compile the list of all group companies and assign a specific Group Identification Number (GIN)  to each Group. 

While CRISIL has prepared the list after identifying and categorising the companies under different groups based on certain criteria and methodology, the name of the ‘Sector’ to which each company belongs to has been populated from the Industry classification data provided by NSE which is used by all AMCs  for various purposes.  Where the name of any company unavailable in the aforesaid industry classification data (largely due to the company being unlisted), in such cases, the sector name has been populated from CRISIL’s classification based on the Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS).

Methodology adopted by CRISIL for preparing the list of the Group companies

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List of Group Companies of the AMCs

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