Redressal of investor grievances through SEBI Complaints Redress System (SCORES) platform

SEBI launched a centralized web based complaints redress system 'SCORES' in June 2011. The purpose of SCORES is to provide a platform for aggrieved investors, whose grievances, pertaining to securities market, remain unresolved by the concerned listed company or registered intermediary after a direct approach.

SCORES also provides a platform, overseen by SEBI through which the investors can approach the concerned listed company or SEBI registered intermediary in an endeavor towards speedy redressal of grievances of investors in the securities market. It would, however, be advisable that investors may initially take up their grievances for redressal with the concerned listed company or registered intermediary, who are required to have designated persons/officials for handling issues relating to compliance and redressal of investor grievances.

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