Consolidated Account Statement (CAS)

  • What is a Consolidated Account Statement ?
  • Who issues the CAS ?
  • When does one receive the Consolidated Account Statement?
  • Which transactions are included in MF CAS?
  • Will all of my portfolios be included in a single CAS?
  • What happens if there are no financial transactions in any month in a particular portfolio?
  • What if there are no financial transactions in my folio for a long period?
  • I hold units in the dematerialised mode. Will I get a CAS?
  • Will minor's portfolios be considered for consolidation?
  • What other information is included in the CAS, apart from financial transactions,?
  • To which address will the CAS be sent to if I have provided different addresses in the portfolios?
  • What is the procedure to seek a duplicate CAS ?
  • Do you also get an individual statement from the AMC?
  • How can I verify that details mentioned in the application form are captured correctly by each AMC?
  • What should I do if some of my portfolios are not reflected in the monthly CAS?
  • Anytime e-CAS

Consolidated Account Statement (CAS) is a single/combined account statement which shows the details of financial transactions made by an investor during a month across all Mutual Funds and also other securities held in dematerialised (Demat) mode.

CAS is issued for those folios / accounts wherein a financial transaction has been made during a month and wherein unit holders are identical, identified by Income Tax Permanent Account (PAN).

CAS is generated on a monthly basis in respect of the PANs common to the RTAs and the Depositories.

In respect of the PANs that are common across the RTAs AND the Depositories, the CAS is generated and dispatched to the investors by the Depositories (NSDL or CDSL), providing the details of financial transactions in both mutual fund folios and depository accounts.

In respect of mutual fund folios, where there is no common PAN between the RTAs and the Depositories, the CAS is sent by Mutual Funds containing only the mutual fund transactions.

CAS for financial transactions done during each month is sent by 10th of the following month.

Only financial transactions such as purchase of Units, redemption including maturity payments, switches, systematic transactions like SIP, SWP, STP etc., dividend payments or reinvestment of dividend, merger of schemes, allotment of bonus units etc. are shown in the CAS.

Non-financial transactions such as change of address, bank details, nomination registration etc. are not included.

A monthly CAS will only include those portfolios in which financial transactions have taken place during the given month, (provided valid PAN numbers are provided in respect of all investors in the folio).

For example, if one has three portfolios, but have transacted in only two of them in the month, the CAS for the month will show only the two active portfolios and not the third one.

No CAS will be issued for that month.

In respect of dormant folios, i.e., folios wherein there were no financial transactions during a half-year period ending September or March, the CAS is sent once in six months in October / April detailing the holding at the end of the previous month.

Yes. The Depositories - NSDL or CDSL – as the case may be - shall issue the CAS, containing transaction/holding details of both mutual fund folios and depository accounts to the demat account holders.

No, a minor's portfolios will not be considered for consolidation since different portfolios of the same minor may have different guardians in different mutual funds and it will be inappropriate to consolidate on the basis of the PAN of the guardian.

Apart from details of financial transactions, the opening and closing balances, the CAS also includes the registered email address, nomination registration status, mode of holding, KYC status, ISIN and Unique Client Code (UCC) for each portfolio and scheme. Mobile phone number if provided by the investor, is shown by masking the middle digits to maintain data confidentiality and privacy. However, other sensitive information such as bank account details, PAN are not be included in the CAS.

The CAS is generally sent to the address of the investor provided in the KYC form. However, if the KYC has not been updated in any of the portfolios considered for consolidation, then the CAS will be sent to the address available in the portfolio with the last transaction of the month by the investor.

Note: It is advisable to update your PAN and KYC details in all portfolios in the mutual fund industry, for which you may approach the respective mutual funds or their Registrars.

A duplicate CAS will not be available in physical statement form for the past months. If you have a registered e-mail ID, you may use the mail back services provided by Registrars of various mutual funds to get a duplicate e-CAS

In respect of mutual fund investors who have registered their e-mail, the respective Mutual Funds send a PDF of account statement within 5 working days after each financial transaction.

However, if investors who have NOT registered their e-mail ID will get only the monthly CAS.

The AMC's will continue to send the first account statement for a new portfolio separately, with all registered details to help you verify the same.

If you find that some of your portfolios are not reflected in the CAS, you should check the following and act appropriately:

  • Whether the portfolio has had any financial transaction in that month, since the CAS includes only those portfolios with financial transactions. 
  • If yes, then check whether the PAN of all the unit holders has been updated in the portfolio.
  • If no, you should get to doing that immediately so that you don't face the same problem in the future.
  • If the PAN is already updated, then you should check with the respective mutual fund or the registrar about the discrepancy.

In case of any discrepancy in portfolio related details in the CAS, the investors may approach the respective mutual fund or the registrar

For the convenience of mutual fund investors, the Registrars, Computer Age Management Services Limited (CAMS) and KFin Technologies Ltd (KFintech) have in a collaborative initiative, come together to provide a facility for mutual fund investors to get a consolidated account statement (CAS) showing their current holdings across all mutual funds electronically via e-CAS through a mail-back service.

Investors who have registered their email address with mutual funds can avail this facility and receive a soft copy of the e-CAS showing their current holdings across all mutual funds in their registered email address.

The following are the URLs for requesting for the e-CAS from CAMS and KFintech:

In addition to the above, investors can also view and download their mutual fund Portfolio & CAS on the portal of MFCentral (, a collaborative online services hub launched jointly by KFintech & CAMS for the convenience of investors to transact across all their folios across all mutual funds. The investor may choose to generate a ‘Summary CAS’ or 'Detailed' CAS, and can choose the desired period, such as Current Financial Year, Previous Financial Year, or Specific Period (not more than 365 days) and generate the Detailed CAS as per requirement.

For availing various online services enabled on the MF Central portal, an investor needs to first register on the aforesaid platform by signing-up and creating a log-in and password and then choose the desired online service.