Anytime E-CAS

For the convenience of mutual fund investors, the Registrars, Computer Age Management Services Limited (CAMS) and KFin Technologies Ltd (KFintech) have in a collaborative initiative, come together to provide a facility for mutual fund investors to get a consolidated account statement (CAS) showing their current holdings across all mutual funds electronically via e-CAS through a mail-back service.

Investors who have registered their email address with mutual funds can avail this facility and receive a soft copy of the e-CAS showing their current holdings across all mutual funds in their registered email address.

The following are the URLs for requesting for the e-CAS from CAMS and KFintech:

In addition to the above, investors can also view and download their mutual fund Portfolio & CAS on the portal of MFCentral (, a collaborative online services hub launched jointly by KFintech & CAMS for the convenience of investors to transact across all their folios across all mutual funds. The investor may choose to generate a ‘Summary CAS’ or 'Detailed' CAS, and can choose the desired period, such as Current Financial Year, Previous Financial Year, or Specific Period (not more than 365 days) and generate the Detailed CAS as per requirement.

For availing various online services enabled on the MF Central portal, an investor needs to first register on the aforesaid platform by signing-up and creating a log-in and password and then choose the desired online service.